FMHL | Notice of the proposed transfer of TristarInsurance Company Limited

October 8, 2018|

Notice of the proposed transfer of TristarInsurance Company Limited Business to NicozDiamond Insurance Limited in terms of section 33 (4) (A) of Insurance Act [Chapter 24.07]

Notice is hereby given by the Directors of TristarInsurance Company Limited (TristarInsurance) and NicozDiamond Insurance Limited (NicozDiamond) that TristarInsurance and NicozDiamond intend to make an application to the Minister of Finance and Economic Development in terms of Section 33(4) (a) of Insurance Act [Chapter 24:07], to sanction the transfer of business from TristarInsurance to NicozDiamond.

The transfer is subject to all requisite regulatory and corporate approvals being obtained.

Any person who wishes to make any representations regarding the above mentioned transaction should lodge them, in writing, with the Commissioner of Insurance and Pension And Provident Funds, at 160 Rhodesville Avenue, Greendale, Harare.

E K Moyo
Chairman of TristarInsurance Company Limited

K Karidza
CHairman of NicozDiamond Insurance Limited


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